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Established in 2009, POWER HEAT INTERNATIONAL SDN. BHD.The company also specialized in system integrator for world class products, state of the art technologies solutions, also has been vibrantly and steadily progressing in accumulated of general civil expertise in marine repair, plant, construction work, oil, gas and of its nature. We work with world-renowned equipment manufacturers and system providers to offer complete end-to-end solutions for our customers.

POWER HEAT INTERNATIONAL SDN. BHD. has key personal working experience more then 10 years in the above mentioned field such as Coordinator, Supervisor/ Foreman, Certified high pressure welder [ Arc, Tig, Mig, Argon, Coz and Multipurpose ] Marker, Fitter [ mill Wright, pipe, out fittings, carpentry, structure, firing and a Multipurpose ]. Riggers heavy Machinery operation, Electrician, Technician, Fire Watcher, power tooling, helper, General Worker, blaster, painter, tank cleaner, Pre Heating, Post Weld Heat Treatment Electrical Heat, Engineering Inspections, Nondestructive Testing, heat treatment, Gas Firing Internal External that allowed and others Multipurpose has on going arrangement with a pool of reliable manpower supply, equipment supply, marine parts, valve and industrial machineries. We are capable to supply various equipment and maintenance service covering the offshore and onshore fields.

As part of it expansion and consolidation, POWER HEAT INTERNATIONAL SDN. BHD has recently entered into two agreements of which the first is a technical consultancy agreement with a highly experienced professional team of Engineer who will provide technological inputs to its procurement, construction, commissioning work, heat treatment and undertake marketing development forPOWER HEAT INTERNATIONAL SDN. BHD.and secondly, a smart partnership with real base Industrial, Engineering, Marine Oil, Gas & part supply. In line with our local work forces through technology, acknowledgement, which will in turn, increase the efficiency and productivity in order to undertake the Industrial, Fabrication, Construction, Services, Marine, Oil, Gas & etc. business.

Thus POWER HEAT INTERNATIONAL SDN. BHD objective and philosophy is to grow from strength into new pastures and complete commitment to quality and excellence with determination to scale new height and Strive towards total customer satisfaction. Our mission is to serve with esteemed services, high quality output, advance technologies, high skill standard in innovative ideas, on time delivery and cost effective.

POWER HEAT INTERNATIONAL SDN. BHD. is committed to Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) & JSA of all its employees and strives to practice and adhere to the Recognized HSE Standard.

The company’s goal is to have incident and accident free work environment. The company will identify and ensure that all hazards, practices behavior that can cause accident, Injury or illness to its employees, Contractor and visitor are eliminated.

As an industrial company involve in Supplying Manpower and Laborers, Marine, Oil, Gas and Construction Activities, weshall always to the following measures;

  • Comply with all relevant statutory regulations.
  • Provide adequate resources to establish and maintain safe work methods.
  • Maintain Health Safety and Environment competency and integrate its policy requirement in all aspect of business.
  • Continuously improve performance through current and innovative Technology, education and good management practices.
  • Cultivate Health, Safety and Environment habit and practices in day-to-day activities.
  • Provide appropriate training and briefing to Health, Safety and Environment Concern to all employees.
  • Promote a positive Health, Safety and Environmenture, which is based on the principle that all incident and accident can be prevented and controlled.
  • Provide an emergency respond program for unforeseen events to minimize Hazards to human being, assets and Environment.

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Khairim Nizam
Syamsul Bahri Ab. Ghani

Business Address


No 52C (L3), Jalan Lembah 19,
Bandar Seri Alam,
81750 Masai, Johore Malaysia 

Co. Reg. No.


619063 - D

Bank’s Branch


HSBC Amanah / Maybank



07-217 3013



07-235 3649






Power Heat International Sdn. Bhd.
No 52C (L3). Jalan Lembah 19, Bandar Seri Alam, 81750 Masai, Johor. MALAYSIA

Tel: +607 235 2019
Personal Incharge: +6010 340 2010
Fax: +607 235 3649
Mail: phisb.general@gmail.com

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Perumahan Green Garden, Blok A20 Kg Seraya Batam 29445. Indonesia

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